We create WEB-applications for your business



The model of online storage, in which data is stored on numerous servers distributed on the network.


The design of web pages that provides the correct display of the site on various devices and dynamically adapting to the specified browser window sizes.

Money box

A special device for storing and accumulating personal, corporate information with the maximum level of protection.

About us

We love complex and interesting projects. In the market for creating internal web projects, we have been successfully working since 2001. For this time hundreds, and maybe thousands of different projects have already been created (admin parts, management systems, sales systems, online payment settings and much, much more). During this time, we have gathered enough experience to create projects of varying complexity. For each project an individual approach.

What we do

Our mission

Creation of effective, operative tools for work with clients.

Our philosophy: every project is a separate, unique tool with its own characteristics and requirements.

We always start the project with a clean slate. At the end of the project, there are never two identical. Even a trivial online store at the end will never look like any other, because everyone has their own characteristics, their own details, their preferences. We can confidently state that each of our products is made manually and unique.

All our products are on separate servers. The servers for the project are selected in such a way that they can withstand the project load. Location of servers: rented in any country and / or server of the project's customer.



CRM - a model of interaction based on the postulate that the center of the whole business philosophy is the client, and the main activities of the company are measures to ensure effective marketing, sales and customer service. Support of these business goals includes the collection, storage and analysis of information about consumers, suppliers, partners, as well as on the internal processes of the company. Functions to support these business goals include sales, marketing, consumer support.



Adaptation of customer notification systems. From creating an electronic letterhead to sending e-mails, sms, messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype) in manual and / or automatic mode. Notifications can be of different types, for example: congratulations on your birthday, or on an approaching or current action. Any information can be delivered to the client.



Chat of the project is not only communication between client and manager, but also "shadowing" the client. These seemingly two different options are combined for one simple reason: very often it is necessary to know on which page of the project the client is located, what he is viewing at the moment, how much he is spending time viewing information and much more. This information is needed in real time, so that the manager had the opportunity to react quickly to the client, possibly to unsubscribe to the client first.


Service Functionality

Service functionality - depends on the specifics of the project. It can be different promotions for different categories of customers. If the customer is our first, then we give him a share for newcomers, if the customer is permanent, then the stock is for regular customers. In addition to shares, it can be promotional codes, contests, rallies and much more. All that for the client is an additional "bun" it will be the service functionality of the project.



Create reports that will show the result of the work. Statistics, analytics, any kinds of reports that are necessary for the specifics of the project. Creation of "Piggy banks" of information - remote, protected database with statistics for all time.



Sites - site-cut-aways, landings, online stores, platforms for the sale of services and goods.


Technical support

Technical support of projects - monitoring of peak loads for the project and optimization of the project under the load. Control the performance of the project code.



Receiving online payments from customers in automatic mode. Connection of various payment systems.